Support Hastings Restaurants - Fundraiser

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurant traffic is down 60-80%. Many of your favorite restaurants can't stay in business 1-2 months with 80% fewer customers.
We have started this fundraiser to help your favorite spot make it through this trying time. Support the restaurants you love. Simply buy a shirt or hoody, give a donation or buy a gift card today to spend later. The restaurant gets cash now & you help them stay around to continue serving the community!
We are partnering with the above listed restaurants to help support them during this trying time.
All shirt/hoody profits will be split between all restaurants.  Gift card purchases and donations will go directly to those individual restaurants.
 This store will close when restaurants re-open. Apparel purchases will
be shipped or be available for pickup after our economy is running again.
Gift cards will be shipped or be available for pickup weekly.

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